Spreading healing practices.

The Brick and Mortar of Head & Heart is nestled in the Cascade Mountains. An open, light filled space located on the second floor of a restored home in downtown Winthrop, WA. A place to gather and learn the latest research and the oldest traditions. Combining science and spirituality we offer workshops on compassion, mindfulness, yoga, and all things Head & Heart.

Becoming Whole: A skills based workshop integrating head & heart

WHEN: This event Occurred. Stay Tuned for next offering or Contact me with Questions.

This workshop will focus on cultivating wholeness in our modern world. You will learn skills to maintain your energy, power, and ease through the lens of  Self-Compassion: the act of treating yourself with deep kindness. Research shows that self-compassion frees up energy you can direct towards living a vital life. It promotes healthy connection and is a significant motivator, increasing your courage to take risks and try new things. Not only will this impact your personal well-being; it will also improve relationships with partners, children, parents, colleagues...the list goes on. Contact me with questions or sign up via email.